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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Steamroller Victory!

Hiya Internet!

On 12/6 I participated in a small Steamroller tournament and WON! Granted, it ended a round early due to me being the only undefeated player by round three due to the small amount of players, but a win's a win.

I've been working tirelessly (on and off) on painting my Highborn Covenant army and have made some decent progress, even getting close to a fully painted 35 point list!

I made an almost identical Gorten/Ashlynn list, but only had to use Gorten (whose feat is tremendous in tournament play, especially Kill Box!)

I learned a lot, but more importantly I learned from my previous mistakes and kept the scenario in mind at all times. This got me valuable control points in both my games. I also learned that pEiryss by herself can contest an entire zone if she's behind Gorten's wall and under the protection of his Solid Ground spell. Def 21 against ranged/Def 19 against melee/immune to blasts anyone?

I used the prize money to get a starter box for X-Wing, since a lot of people are into that game and it seems pretty interesting. A simple dogfighting game is vastly different from the current games I play, plus it requires minimum additional peripherals (i.e. terrain, large armies, model count, etc.). It looks promising and I taught my wife how to play it in about 5 minutes!

Here are some pics from the tournament. Notice the new blue jack and painted Horgenhold Forge Guard? They're not 100% complete, but are definitely acceptable for tabletop standard. I also painted about 50% of the Basher and finished Gorten (finally). Once I have the ATGM unit and Eiryss up to tabletop standard I can field a fully painted 35 point list!

Sorry about not having very many good pics, I was concentrating more on time rather than getting satisfying photos.

In other hobbies, I've put aside painting Malifaux models for a bit. I've been getting frustrated at painting them as they are not coming out the way I want them to. I realized that they are two completely different styles and I'll need to adjust how I paint them, but sometimes you've just got to step away and paint something else. Instead of approaching my normal "paint for completion" mentality, which means painting only the same army/models that will go toward completing a fully painted army, I've been bouncing from project to project, only painting what I desire to paint at the time. Treating it like a job isn't getting me anywhere and is causing burnout much faster, so i'll just paint whatever I am in the mood for. It's working wonders, which is why my Mercs are turning out so well. Next I plan on tackling more terrain, since I'm really in the mood to get my table done soon.

More pics and blog entries will be coming, hopefully more consistently. I may put up a batrep or two on some games like X-Wing.