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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Malifaux WIP and Tactica: Parker Barrows


So yesterday I built my "Fistful of Scrip" box I got from GenCon. I've been in anticipation of running this crew, as it not only shakes things up for Outcasts but it is looking like Parker Barrows might be a very good master, definitely one of the better ones that were released in Ripples of Fate.

The models were relatively easy to put together, and I didn't need to use the instructions as most of the pieces are pretty intuitive. No frustrating parts as far as I remember, just the usual "Why did Wyrd put a join in the middle fo the cape" nonsense. Also, so many capes. I'm honestly not looking forward to painting that many capes.

I originally planned on going all out on the bases, and even brought out all my basing materials to go all crazy on making the bases exceptional. Then I found some random Micro Art Studios bases, and decided that it was easier to just put those on lol. My short cuts know no bounds! The only issue now is that I only had 4 of those bases, so I'll have to order more before it's all complete.

So while I have this guy on the brain let's go over what makes the crew tick!

Parker Barrows

Boy this dude has a ton of information. He reminds me a lot of Shenlong, not only in the fact that he messes with upgrades, but that he has so many abilities and functions that you're only going to concentrate on one or two of them. The trick is to figure out which ability you want to focus on and capitalize. With his abilities he can go from a Control-style master in terms of dictating enemy actions, support with his ability to grant attacks/interacts/walks to his fellow crew members, or damage with straight attacks and accuracy - and within those attacks he can change styles from hit and run to stand and fight.

He's got a healthy amount of wounds and Df/Wp 6 and average walk. Nothing to complain about, but without any built in defenses like triggers or armor he's going to be squishier than at first glance.

Lets go over the abilities and attacks printed on his cards first:

  • Go through Their Pockets is going to be one that won't be hard to remember, as it can be a huge game changer if done right. You get to draw a card when an enemy is killed with Aura 6, and you discard if a Bandit didn't do the killing. This is like having Tally Sheet equipped on him all the time, except that it affects every Bandit in range. Amazing.
  • Limited Supplies helps with the Upgrade Cycle, but more importantly helps increase your Cache supply instead if you are able to use an enemy Scheme Marker within 3". More on that later.
  • A Fistful of Scrip was one of the first abilities I widened my eyes on, as being able to turn enemy markers into friendly markers at a close range seemed pretty game changing. However, it is resource intensive, as if you do it the maximum amount of times you will be dropping four cards, something I don't see myself doing in game at all. The range is also only a 4" pulse, so its use will be limited to being in the thick of things. However, should you have a pool with Set Up or a similar Scheme, then getting those markers will prove to be pretty frickin' easy with abilities like this one.
  • Six Shooters are his main attack action that can be used at a long range or melee - and thank goodness it wasn't a 1" melee. The damage is an average 2/3/5. I wish his Sh value was better than a 6, but a built in positive to the attack flip isn't terrible. He's no Leve, that's for sure. He's got three triggers and two are built in to the attack. 
    • Empty the Chamber is the damage packer, as it lets you discard upgrades for a +1 damage each. Since he's only able to attach an upgrade once a turn, this doesn't get as much mileage as you'd think. Sure, if you have the opportunity then you can pound with +3 damage for one flip, but you better make sure it's worth it. I think a good way to think of it is that you use this with a Focus for your last attack and if discarding your upgrades will guarantee a kill or set you up for one next activation then you can discard them. An 8 damage shot can be worth it if it one-shots a key model! This trigger is built in, so no need to worry about reliability of the option unless you're near Hannah.
    • Drop It! is the one you're more than likely going to use often. It's built in and it drops an enemy Scheme Marker within 3" of the target. This will prove to be very useful for both Parker and his minions, especially the Dead Bandits.
    • Hide in the Shadow is situational, as a 3" move can be helpful at times, especially if you plan on using his crew as a Hit and Run machine. However this suit is not built in, so spending a stone to get it is usually needed only to get him out of a pickle or re position to score.
  • Hands in the Air is the one I'm not banking on. It gives you the option to attack WP if you're going against a high Df character and want to control actions. It's an 8" range so semi-short, but there are ways around short range with Parker. It gives the condition Pay Up which forces models who perform Tactical actions to discard two cards every time. Very situational, but can prove to be useful against melee oriented models. This plays into his control aspect, and when coupled with his ability to move models out of their activation and the multiple sources of pushes in the crew, they can play very hit and run. However, you need to know what you're focusing on, as since it costs a precious AP you don't want to spend 1/3 of your actions dipping into something that the opponent will gladly pay 2 cards for. If you spent all your AP on it then your opponent will be forced to fail some of those actions, as three walk actions will get rid of their entire hand. 
  • The Job's Not Done Yet is a Ca action that pushes friendly models up to their walk values. Handy when needed, but there are many ways to get pushes on your models while performing another action, and with your Master's AP you want to spend them forcing your opponent to react rather than reacting yourself. However this is an ability that actually makes me wonder if using the Malifaux Child would be better than his totem, the only problem being that it is a high Ca requirement for the Child (11s for him!), but that extra AP freedom sure could be useful.
  • Five Finger I mean Discount is going to be his bread and butter every round, and I think this ability is his most crucial to get the timing right. It's a Ca that only needs a four or higher, but you definitely want that Mask to get the trigger. This is the one that lets him attach an upgrade on him, the payment being discarding either Soulstones or enemy markers within 3" of him that are equal to the value of the upgrade. Every upgrade worth reattaching is going to be a value of 1, so this is where his Drop It trigger comes into play from his attacks. You can reliably do this without markers if you ever need to, and the stone you spend is gained immediately back through Limited Supplies, but you want to try to get a net gain on stones whenever possible. A lot of his abilities, as well as other crew members, rely on buying suits or spending stones so having the additional free stones will come into play much more than usual, also they're free, that's always good. The trigger on Masks lets you take a different (0) action with no triggers, otherwise that would be a near infinite loop of total broken awesomeness I'd gladly welcome as long as my opponent didn't use it.

His upgrades are what really makes him shine, although from what I've read online a lot of people have wildly different opinions than me on which ones are worth anything. He has seven to choose from, more than any other master in the game. Sorting through them is important, as well as focusing on only a few necessary ones to your style and remembering the order/priority in which they come while playing.

I'll start with the ones I believe are important ones, although this isn't a hard and fast ranking. I group them in my head in three tiers: Ones that are necessary to purchase, ones that are important to consider switching to while playing, and ones that may need to be avoided.

  • Coordinated Heist is one that definitely needs to be considered as a purchase, as switching to it mid game is both more resource intensive and less useful at the same time. The main ability it gives is that all Bandits with 8 other than Parker gain Scout the Field. This is insane to me, and in my style is a must have. It allows you to be aggressive early on. If you have at least three bandits you're able to get Convict Labor on turn one and then some, that way you don't have to worry about it in later turns. With a shooting crew like Parker's this brings them into range much faster and saves AP. It also throws opponents off their game when they don't expect it, as now they have to contemplate being in range of attacks on their first moves. On some opponents this dictates them to hold back movement in fear of attacks while not being in range themselves, when this happens it's almost as if you've already won because you have them off balance for the entire game. You need to be careful though, some opponents love this like Rasputina or Sonnia, those who can easily out range you, or perhaps this lets Lilith get an easy turn one kill. It's still one to consider regardless, as you don't always have to go head on into the opponent's crew. If you're deploying first and don't like where things are there's nothing stopping you from moving your entire crew to one side - an old trick I used to do with my Ravenwing. If their crews are spread out, lets say in two groups on the left and right, moving your models that are in front of the weak side forward and having everyone else moving to support them behind will force the opponent to sprint with one group while cowering with another. The main benefit from this upgrade is flexibility and initiative, while giving the opportunity of an Alpha Strike.

    The second part of this upgrade lets you shoot into engagements without randomizing, although you also hit your own models at the same time. Highly situational, as you need to make sure the benefits outweigh the costs, although with low cards in your hand you can make sure you miss. Then your friendly models get pushed 5" in any direction. An interesting combination is with his Bandidos - they can use a Mask on defense to trigger their 5" push after the combat, at the same time they get pushed from this ability (since it's not a trigger), for a very long walk away from the danger. Earlier I stated that his The Job's Not Done yet ability isn't as efficient, this upgrade proves exactly that. You still get your attacks as normal, they're still reliably hitting your opponent, and your model is still getting a push away. The only benefit from the attack over this upgrade is that your model doesn't have to be in melee to trigger it, so it's a teeny bit less flexible. However another point to remember is that this upgrade lets you attack ALL models in the combat. If your friendly model is engaged with 3 enemy models, Parker gets an attack on ALL of them, so it is definitely more AP efficient. It, as I've said before, is highly situational, but something to keep in mind. As a tool in his belt if you remember that he can do this then when the situation comes you just rush in a model of yours to engage several enemies before Parker shoots them all. Heck, don't even push your model away until the end, that way you get several attacks on several models. Just save crap cards to help your model out.
  • Hail of Bullets is actually the upgrade that I'm going to focus on during my initial play tests. NOTE: I was incorrect in my thoughts for this ability, the markers touch each other forming one hazardous terrain marker and therefor doesn't trigger more than one damage flip! For a 7 of any suit he gets to place 2 50mm markers that don't touch each other or markers/models. These act as Hazardous Terrain dealing 2/3/4 whenever a model goes through it. This is a great board control action, especially against models that are close to their deaths. Placing both directly in front of a model will force them to either use precious movement to go around it safely or risk damage between 4-8 to go in the direction they want. I don't believe it will affect Flight models, but those are much fewer than average. Its trigger lets you heal for 2 by discarding the upgrade, something I'll only do in desperation. This is a great ability that unfortunately can only be used once, but if used wisely it can cause great annoyance to your opponent with its 12" range. Also it's good against high Df models as it doesn't need to hit, it only needs to touch the model. No cheats, no negatives, just straight flips with a possibility of doing 4 damage each. Huge.

    It has a second addition in that it gives a trigger to Hands in the Air that places an enemy Marker with 3" of the target. Not something I see coming in to play often, but something to keep in mind as it doesn't hurt to get more resources for Parker and company.
  • Stick Up is one that your mileage will vary on depending on your needs during the game, but it can be extremely efficient. The attack action it gives lets you have another option at attacking Wp at an 8" range, but can only be used once and on Enforcers/Henchmen/Masters. The target chooses suffering 4 damage or discarding a stone and letting me gain one. Very situational, and any time the opponent gets to choose a result they will always choose the one least beneficial to you. A smart one with stones to spare will lose the stone, or if it's a model that can heal lose the damage, or if it's a stone user will just take the damage and stone for prevention anyway. Not to mention you still have to flip for it. I learned my lesson with abilities like these from using Pride, it's not something you want to rely on.

    This upgrade's main draw is Fast Getaway, and this one's a doozy. I'm in love with it. You can discard this upgrade either at the the start or end of his activation to gain a free Walk action. Incredible! If you really need to you can discard it at the start and walk, use your (0) to gain it back, then discard it at the end to walk again!. Two move actions for free essentially, short of having to consume one of your (0) actions. When you really need to focus on attacks without spending AP on movement you can use this, move into range, shoot, then move back out. Worst case you only use it once, it's still saving you AP every time. This allows Parker to focus his AP on what matters rather than wasting a Master AP on something mundane as Walking.
  • Highwayman is a limited upgrade, one that you'll consider while attaching upgrades mid game. It gives Bulletproof, the most useless of defenses. Once a turn he draws two cards and discards one when removing a enemy marker, something that combines well with Go Through Their Pockets, cycling through many cards throughout the game. It also gives him another (0) action No Witnesses which lets another friendly model immediately make a (1) attack at the cost of the upgrade or a stone. This is an action that will most likely follow the upgrade attachment for the price of a Ram and can start eating into your cache, but it's not a bad freebie especially when given to high damage models like Sue or Mad Dog Brackett. I'm still considering if this is something I'll spend resources on mid game, it all depends on the board state really.
  • Black Market is another limited upgrade that's very similar to Highwayman. Instead of card draw it gives you a stone, and instead of an attack action it gives models an interact action. Both tie in my book in regards to importance and really depends on the board state. Should you need to stock up on stones then this is the one to use, but if you need attacks then Highwayman is better. Overall I prefer attacks, but we'll see if these get much use outside of theory, due to their requirements of either discarding them or burning a stone just to use. If you're not comfortable with spending a stone at all this one is good to keep on him to gain an extra stone a turn, making two a turn with Limited Supplies, and even more with his other options. Note that you can't have Highwayman and Black Market at the same time, something I'll more than likely forget mid game!
  • Crate of Dynamite is one that I see a lot of people focusing on online, and this is one I don't entirely agree with the community on. It has the option of going on either Parker or his henchman Mad Dog. For 1AP and range 8 it lets you target a Scheme Marker (friendly or enemy) and force all models within 3" of it to take a TN 13 Df duel or suffer 4 damage, discarding the marker then the upgrade or 1 stone. It doesn't need LOS to the marker either, giving it a bit more flexibility. It only needs an average card to work, but with its shorter range and requirement for a well placed marker this one seems extremely situational. Sure, you're dropping markers like it's out of style, but for 1 AP it's not reliable. For one, with an average defense of 5, your enemies will be passing with an 8 or higher. This may force them to use control cards occasionally, but for important models you know they're going to use it. It can be good against high defense models like Lilith since you're not flipping against them, but then again they're high defense models so for Lilith she's only needing a 6, meaning her flips are usually more than enough. In the situation where there's a lot more models around the marker it can come in handy and dump some important cards into the discard from either their deck or hand, but if you're looking for reliability this one is definitely not it. It requires less set up from Parker, as he'll drop a marker from his regular attack, but think of this: he needs the marker, so starts with a regular attack that must damage to drop - that's already a bit of a gamble as they may prevent all the damage and stop the marker. If it works, then you can drop the Crate, but they may prevent this as well with cards in their hand. With your last AP you're thinking of if you need your markers from Hail of Bullets, or your last attack to pile on damage, or anything else he can do, and if you spend it on doing this again they may just prevent it altogether, making your master do absolutely nothing. There's no point of forcing discards if you can't follow up on it, and in Parker's typical crew he's usually the most reliable on damage unless you go out of theme with someone like Ashes and Dust, or Sue. So far in my theory list I've equipped this on Mad Dog for the occasional situation, but he can't use it from Parker's (0) action as it's a tactical action and not an attack. Whenever the right situation does come up it's something that can prove useful, but it's not something you can rely on, and when Mad Dog has it he really depends on someone else setting up the marker reliably - something that can happen with Parker and company. This is one of the upgrades I am thinking about dropping first should it prove not useful. Also, it hurts your own models too.
  • Human Shield is another situational upgrade, one that you can attach later if you really need it. It gives Parker soft cover while within 2" of another model (including enemies). Useful against shooting crews, but usually you don't encounter that outside of a Guild matchup and specific masters like Leve, Raspy and Sonnia, and some shooting crews will ignore cover altogether. His second ability from the upgrade is Sorry, Friend which allows him to pass successful attacks off to another friendly model within 2", but since you have to discard the upgrade and it happens out of your activation you're likely to only be able to use this once, and it doesn't stop the damage given just the target. His crew can be rather squishy, so it's an upgrade I don't plan on utilizing even during the game due to its limited use. Keep it in mind, though, you may want to use it to pass off an important attack like from Leve onto a model who can take it like Mad Dog, but then you're letting Leve shoot Mad Dog and that can spell doom anyway. If that happened to me while I was using Leve, well I'd just shoot Mad Dog instead with my remaining shots. A smart player uses this on the last attack if possible.
So, how is he used? I've broken him down into three categories I see his use on, ranked in the order I believe he is most useful:

  1. Damage Dealer
    • This focuses on his attack options that reliably deal damage, while mitigating retaliation. His main focus is on his Six Shooters, which have a Sh6 value with a positive flip built in. You're wanting to use at least one focused shot for models with a high wound count and will reliably get rid of at least 1 to 3 upgrades depending on the situation. When it's possible you will also lay down markers to prevent avenues of approach using Hail of Bullets while tacking on reliable damage to models.
    • Hail of Bullets is a must, with Stick Up also being important. You'll need to use Stick Up so that he will only use his AP for attack actions. Use it only once if that's all you need so that your (0) upgrade attachment action can be used to keep your options open. Discard the upgrade at the beginning of his activation if he needs to get into range, or at the end to walk out of range of shots or force a charge action onto him if they want to damage him in melee. Use it for both if it's completely necessary to bob in and out, possibly to get in range of the marker when it's dropped, but this forces you to use his (0) to reattach it before his activation ends. It helps if you have either Black Market or Highwayman already attached.
    •  Use his first AP to shoot, hopefully dropping a marker. It's not a big deal to get anything outside of weak damage on this one, but it sets you up for your big damage. This should usually get 2 damage on a target.
    • Use your (0) action to attach an upgrade, buy a mask if you need to but make sure you get the trigger. Attach what you need depending on the situation, either his limited upgrades or Stick Up to set up your later turns. 
    • Use your second (0) action to get a free attack from a crew member, preferably a high minimum damage one like Mad Dog, Sue, Ashes and Dust or Rusty Alyce. Lets say it's Mad dog, who gets a 3 minimum damage with a 4" push, not too shabby. If successful this is 5 damage so far on the target. You'll more than likely need to discard a stone to keep the upgrade on.
    • His second action should either be a focus if he needs to do a ton of damage or just a regular attack. If he needs a ton of damage then his third AP is another attack, with focus he should be able to get a straight flip on damage and cheat in a severe card, dealing 5 with it. His built in trigger lets him discard upgrades, and this will dictate what you discard depending on remaining wounds and the ability to spend stones - with a probably 5 damage already on him you can either do 5 with the severe or 6-8 with the discards, doing a minimum of 10 damage with no discards or 13 with them. This is not bad at all! It does leave you in a tough spot without upgrades for next round possibly, but should it get rid of a key model then it is worth it as he's not useless without them. Don't forget to gain a stone if you discard upgrades.
    • If you don't think you can kill a model with that attack then the second AP is just a regular attack, probably doing 2 damage and dropping another marker.  That's 7 damage so far, killing most minions altogether in one activation with average cards used.
    • With your last AP you perform Hail of Bullets to place two markers in the way of the most likely target who will retaliate, either against Parker or another key model. Place them nearly base to base with him on both sides very close together. If the model goes straight forward he will hit both markers taking 4-8 damage on the way in, this can effectively kill a charge as it has to go in a straight line directly forward. Although you can't cheat the damage it will give them something to think about. If he walks forward he will take one of them, and will have to walk backwards to avoid it altogether, even if only for a little bit. Concentrate on models wanting to charge and remember the markers stay there until Parker's next activation, which can be a really long time and help him activate later in the next turn to pick his targets.
  2. Control
    • This one focuses on his control abilities, namely Hail of Bullets and Hands in the Air.
    • Use Hands in the Air 3 times to force three models to discard cards while taking tactical actions, including walks and charges. If three models were hit and all had to take multiple walks then that is a ton of card dumps. With Hail of Bullets equipped he gains the trigger to drop markers. If board control is necessary use the last AP to make markers, this will more than likely be utilized over a 3rd Hands in the Air action.
    • Stick up is used to either maximize Hands in the Air by not needing to use AP on walks, or as an attack action on elite models to control either soulstones or damage.
    • Highwayman or Black Market gives out extra actions depending on the situation, most likely using Highwayman to give out attacks since he won't be attacking
    • Highly dependent on crew actions, most likely comprising of Dead Bandits who capitalize on action control and can force models to only use Tactical actions or suffer 3 damage. Dead Bandits are probably your best bet in the crew for spamming, as they'll utilize the markers made from Hands in the Air to heal, can help control actions while tacking on damage reliably and can attack after giving the condition that forces Tactical actions if needed.
    • This style can be utilized if you plan on going against models who are tough to hit like a Pandora crew, but since it usually attacks Wp it may not be the best against her. Then you use Crate of Dynamite from Mad Dog instead to attack Df for damage and adapt accordingly. Very effective against low Wp crews but may still be better to use the damage profile of Parker instead.
  3. Support
    • Least effective option, but still an option. A list like this will likely only have three Bandidos/Dead Bandits as Scheme Runners while bringing in the usual Outcast beaters. Doc Mitchell is still a good option as a totem for healing these beaters, although the Malifaux Child can be a good option to use Parker's Ca actions to its fullest potential.
    • This option capitalizes on The Job's Not Done Yet, his (0)s, and Hands in the Air again, with a dash of everything else short of his attacks. The purpose of this build to to maximize the rest of the crew's abilities, which is probably comprised of less Bandits and more utility/damaging members like Ashes, Sue, Johan, etc. with Parker being a back line master.
    • His 18" range on The Job's Not Done Yet gives him flexibility in picking his support options. On a model with Scramble this can be a major amount of movement, coupled with a model that does major damage and sticks around. On Ashes with Scramble this means he can be moved 18" before his activation, leading to all three of his AP to do Ml7 attacks at 3 minimum damage, possibly leading to summons of Abominations. For models like Sue and Johan this makes them a mobile threat with the same damage potential at a cheaper cost, and Sue can be set up to utilize his Ring of Fire effectively while Johan is a great speed bump and large threat range. Both of these have Hard to Kill, great triggers, and dependable attacks, while Ashes can reform if he sticks to the edges. Any model considered for this role should be able to act independently and have some sort of damage/death mitigation like Hard to Kill, armor or Incorporeal. 
    • Once effective models are in range he can switch to using Hail of Bullets for board control and protection, or Coordinated Heist to take advantage of large melee ranges from Ashes and Dust or Johan. Crate of Dynamite is also an option to soak up cards from mediocre duels before unleashing your beaters. Upgrades like Stick Up are less utilized if at all as he should be well behind the front line. Always use Highwayman to get more attacks from them. Human Shield should still not be utilized, as he shouldn't be the biggest target until it's too late anyway.
    • Use Coordinated Heist for three or more Bandit minions to start off the scheme running for something like Convict Labor, although you should more than likely not have room for more than three Bandits.
    • With this build you won't capitalize on abilities like Go Through Their Pockets as much since you have less Bandits on the field, and Parker won't kill as many models himself. 
    • Hands in the Air will help keep key models safer, and if you're using Dead Bandits creates another layer of safety. It's also a good ability to use to keep Bandidos safe as they are great models for hit and run, the extra layer that can potentially prevent models walking into range doubles down on their abilities to stay out of danger.
    • Parker is still pretty flexible here, although I still see him switching to a damage dealer after turn two when beaters are in range. The great thing about The Job's Not Done Yet is that it's a push, so it can take models out of combat if they need to, making everyone potentially a hit and run model.
    • The main issues with this build depends on the match up, as you'll be fighting against Wp from Parker and he won't be making as many enemy markers as usual. This leaves Dead Bandits to have to rely on the the enemy laying the markers usually, and Crate of Dynamite less useful unless equipped with Hail of Bullets while using Hands in the Air. As stated earlier it's also more opponent dependent, because if they have the cards to spare they'll ignore this ability regardless. It also calls into question when it's most important for him to activate - if he acts too late you may not be able to support a key model, if you act to early you may leave a model defenseless if chosen as a target instead. It's also the toughest style to wrap your head around, as this makes him a pseudo-Obey master and they're not necessarily the most efficient use of AP in a crew.
There are lots of other little combos for every style available, but I tried to notate any options that stood out to me. Outcasts don't have a shortage of damage dealers in all point ranges, and the most exciting thing about Parker is that he finally gives us the option to open up their uses beyond damage dealing. He can operate as a scheme heavy Master, usually at little cost and notably almost for no AP, and can change his operation mid game if needed (but not recommended). He has the same operating procedure as Shenlong - pick an ability or two, and concentrate on those only. Luckily he can do those multiple things efficiently, but once you start to branch out you hit a diminishing return.

This is only considering his specific upgrades, mind you. He does have other options with the generic Upgrades. Survivalist is always an upgrade that requires consideration regardless of Master. It may be one to consider if you plan on being on the front line with him, as his healing flips from Doc Mitchell get positives and he receives the precious Hard to Kill ability. The issue with taking it is that he can only ever have 3 upgrades even while using his (0) ability, so it's taking away his versatility. If you ever choose to discard it the Hard to Kill most likely gets wasted all for a simple +1 damage. It may be worth it, but it closes off options.

Oathkeeper is another general upgrade worth considering. I've read online of some who use it and discard it first turn for an extra AP, probably used for movement. Stick up would be the better option for that though, since you can reattach it that same turn for another movement if needed. If you're holding on to it then just like Survivalist it limits his versatility.

The new The Bigger They Are upgrade is very very very situational, and makes sense for schemes like Show of Force, but I don't like to build to Strats/Schemes, and it yet again takes up his versatility.

I Pay Better usually goes on a Henchman, but it's wasted on most of his crew builds as Bandidos aren't Mercenaries. Situational on your crew composition. Scout the Field is redundant with Stick Up, Scramble is expensive and not useful enough to warrant an upgrade slot, The Traveler's Stone is still bad, and Tally Sheet is redundant with Go Through Their Pockets.

In my opinion, as well as for my play style, the only option I'd consider is Survivalist. I won't be using it at first, just so I can get a handle on his specific upgrades, but it is definitely one I'll consider the replacement for.

So that's a pretty lengthy summary on my thoughts for this cool master. I'll follow this up with a summary on his crew as well as its composition and thoughts for combos. So far I plan on getting some practice using a limited version of his crew to learn, but I believe I may use him for matchups against Guild, Outcasts (specifically Leve) and maybe Neverborn if there's potential matching against Lilith.

Let me know your thoughts! Did I get something wrong, did I blow your mind? Did I make you roll your eyes? Is there something I may have missed? Am I amazing? Stay tuned for my next entry on the crew, that's where I'll get more specific on Parker's abilities and how they affect individual models!