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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Journeyman Week 1

The first week of the league has begun and so far we have 5 participants. Although we only have a small number of players we are still having a good time, with all the new players learning a lot and even getting a few interested onlookers, one of which bought a Protectorate starter box and rule book to join in.

More Commission Pics

Here are some more Khador models painted for my friend. Below is a unit of shocktroopers:

Here is a Demolisher:

The airbrush is getting easier to use now that I am understanding its applications more. I especially like the OSL eyes on the Demolisher, although it would have been much easier to do had it not been nestled deep between the hood and the arm shield.

I didn't do any of the bases since I let him do those for his army continuity.

Let me know what  you think!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Malifaux and Journeyman League

Once again, it has been a long time.

What have I been up to lately?

Well, for starters...

...I've recently gotten into Malifaux. What a kick ass game system that is! Plus their new plastic kits are some of the most dynamic looking models I've seen! I got the new Second Edition rulebook plus a starter kit for the Ten Thunders faction. I always play the Asian forces in any game I find, whether it's Ogre Kingdoms in Warhammer Fantasy or the Yu Jing in Infinity, I've gotta represent!

The rules are extremely easy to grasp. I've only skimmed the book around 2 times now and I feel very confident in playing this game. I love Infinity, and wish more people around my FLGS played it, but the rules are definitely dense. I've been wargaming for over a decade now, and those rules made me feel like I was playing D&D. Don't get me wrong, that's great once you get your head wrapped around it. No other game offers as many options as Infinity does. It's just a tad non-newbie friendly.

The rules of Malifaux kind of remind of the old Star Wars Miniature game, where you choose a model to activate, then your opponent does until you run out (but in SW you activated 2 at a time). It uses a traditional format of Action Points (AP) per model, where everyone gets 2 AP and the masters get 3 AP. What I like about this system is that it doesn't dictate that you have to do them in a certain order. What I mean by that is in Warmachine/Hordes you can never move after you attack unless you have specific rules that state you can, like the rare rule of bushwack or spells like Energizer. This opens up a skirmish game to more options and strategies that I felt were lacking in other games, because although I hate to compare games to real life I find that the inability to move after you shoot a gun a bit perplexing, even when those shots are imaginary and determined by pips on a cube.

Speaking of dice, I love that this doesn't use them! It could have been gimmicky, but using a deck of cards to determine results is genius! You still have a random factor with flipping, but you can control "fate" with cards in your hand for that crucial attack or defense. This reminds me of tense games of Magic where you have to choose wisely how you reveal your hand, and seeing an opponent with no cards tells you exactly when to open up. It adds plenty of flavor, no doubt, but with the addition of suits and triggers you add a further layer of depth that other games haven't tapped into. One thing I've noticed is that the suits themselves are actually flavorful. Some models/factions favor certain suits, and each suit represents a different type of action. Rams (or hearts) are smashy suits, adding triggers to increase damage, while Crows (Spades) tend to be related to death and poison, Tomes (Clubs) seem like control suits and Masks (diamonds) do something else that I can't think of right now.... On top of that some abilities automatically add the suit to help with triggers, thus creating more depth by stacking suits on top of each other. Some triggers require multiple suits. This mechanic dominates the game and even dictates the way you deploy and objectives.

It seems like a great game, and I can't wait to get into it. My wife has even gotten into it and started reading the rule book. She and I have also been working on some paper terrain so that we have a unique and modular board to play on.

I can't get straight into Malifaux, however, since this Friday I'll be heading up a Journeyman League for Warmachine/Hordes at my FLGS. This is a great way to kickstart a community into the game since it's designed specifically with newcomers in mind. The compulsory entry level points start with a Starter box so everyone is on even ground (ish...). Then the points get increased slightly every week or two until you have enough points for a standard sized army. Everyone gets points for participating and you also get points for painting which is a great motivator for lazy guys like myself! I'm creating a forum for everyone to communicate their games and schedules to each other. Hopefully it will be a success and I can find more than just one regular opponent!

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll hopefully remember to update this more often, but seeing my past record I most likely will forget...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pics or it didn't happen!

I completely forgot to update this thing!

I've actually kept myself very busy for wargaming.

Here's a commission painting for a friend of mine:

Not too shabby for my first airbrushed model. I'm also painting the rest of his army like this, maybe a bit more of the bright red highlight since I didn't like how the flag and right shoulder came out compared to the left shoulder. The shield and left shoulder seem a lot more vibrant and make that yellow just pop!

Now here are more pictures I took this morning. I painted this Hsien a couple months back:

This was my first real attempt at non-metallic metal, and I think I did okay. I felt the sword hit the mark but I missed with the gun. This was also my first attempt at using a bright yellow, and I got excited when I figured out the mix. I can't believe I never used oranges in my yellows - I smacked my forehead out of sheer stupidity when I mixed the two. I had always used browns in my yellows, which is nice but oranges make it extremely vibrant, especially when next to a darker tone. My base was a huge disappointment, however, but since I already tried numerous schemes I settled on a rust that at minimum makes you focus on the model and provides contrast.

Here is a picture of my favorite Trollblood caster and the bane of many armies Madrak Ironhide:

I painted him way back in December of 2012. This was my first attempt at Object Source Lighting just around the eyes. It was also my first attempt at a tartan design wrapped around him. I was disappointed with the way the green came out, but I'm not bothered enough to even think about retrying the attempt on him. I also used an old technique on the brass, but I may touch it up again to make the metal pop.

This was also my first model that I used Lahmian Medium (I think it's just like any mixing medium) for shading and highlighting. Once I discovered this tool it completely changed the way I paint and has created much smoother blends. I used to do a mix of layering and extreme highlighting - which makes your models a little above tabletop standards but isn't quite as impressive. I used to do such extreme changes to show shading and highlighting that it would be almost black as the shade, then layer a bright basecoat, then layer an almost white tone of the base color then extreme highlight white - this made quite a shocking look, but from the distance between standing and the table it attracted a lot of attention. Upon closer inspection, however, most people became unimpressed (well, I became unimpressed. I am my biggest critic after all!).

I will post more updates soon (hopefully). I've not been painting as much since I went on a crazy shopping spree and have since bought enough for 2 troll armies, 2 Yu Jing armies, and a Mercenary army! Goodness me, I need to just stop buying and start finishing! But I have an extremely addictive personality... plus for some insane reason I got back into Magic TCG again... cardboard crack is bad...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Epic Doomshaper/Beast Heavy List Tactica

Hey guys

I've thought about making posts in regards to Tactica that I've discovered throughout my days playing wargames. I figured I'd start with some advice I gave someone.

About a little over a month ago I had a PM from another forum user in DakkaDakka. He asked this:

Hey Sub (My username is SubParNinja), i m angling to start up a W/H army soon, and i really like the troll bloods look, and from the very few games ive seen at the lgs play style. i was hoping to get some advice on a good place to start for a TB's force. i noticed youve given some posts youve made on the forums so i thought id ask! Not really asking for you to build me a list or anything, I'm more hoping to get some info about a good place to start for competitive play... i.e is more beasts, good combos, best lock etc. atm im leaning toward a war beast heavy style but im not sure how good that is, or what to really round it out with. also is the batlle box worth it ? or should i just buy what i need as i need it? thx a ton for any help you can give me !

This was my reply:

Thanks for messaging me. The battle box is awesome for the brick style player, i.e. making tough durable trolls that are hard to kill and hit like a ton of bricks. Even though it doesn't come with a heavy beast it comes with one of the toughest warlocks Madrak, whose feat is near useless in small games but if you leave any fury on him he is extremely hard to assassinate in one turn, plus you get one of the best upkeep spells known to trolls with Surefoot. What's even better is you get the axer, which if you plan on going heavy on beasts then he is an auto-include. His animus Rush gives +2 SPD (not movement, mind you, which is AWESOME) and pathfinder, which any good army should have the ability to give pathfinder to as many units as possible. The Impalers are so-so, although I've always loved them for their ability to slam at range with a P+13 as well as reach for support. Their animus tends to be self serving most of the time, although if you use a warlock with a ranged weapon then they are priceless (Madrak with a 12" thrown Rathrok fully boosted with an aim bonus has killed many unguarded casters). That's the battlebox in a nutshell, not the best but it is the way I started out and it is one of the best boxes for growing out an army to its fullest potential. Most boxes have something that doesn't grow well with the army or caster, and the trolls have one that ONLY works for growing. 

Now onto building your specific army. I've always wanted to build a warbeast heavy list, and since I mainly run Madrak it's not highly recommended seeing as how he tends to support infantry more. You can make him support beasts, but with the lowest fury on the totem pole it quickly stretches your resources to the brim. 

First I'll start with warlocks. Although it can be argued that you can run a lot of beasts with any warlock, it is not heavily debated that epic Doomshaper is best suited for the job. He literally is the best warlock for a beast heavy army, no contest. All his spells are centered toward beasts, and his feat just as much. He even has an affinity for the beast of all beasts Mulg. He also has a fury of 7 making it easy to manage your beasts and casts support spells. 

Now if you're taking eDoomy you will take Mulg. No questions asked. If you don't you are doing yourself a grave disservice. They go together like root beer and ice cream. 

So before I go onto beasts I will tell you about certain units that go well with a beast heavy army. First off the Kriel Stone Bearer Unit, full sized if possible with the Unit Attachment. This unit is a must have in almost any TB force. A +2 armor goes a very long way from making units average to hard to kill. If your beast was hit and damaged 8 times a KSB in range decreases damage by 16 points. That is HUGE. Couple that with the ability to regenerate and break out the wine my friend 'cuz that's some good cheese. The UA for them is also priceless for 1 point. It not only adds one more model to increase the fury vault and range, it stacks on another ability that makes the unit become a toolbox. You can either make stealth units no longer stealthy (not so great considering the close range, but you never know!), you can make your units immune to continuous effects (huge, huge, HUGE against Cryx and Menoth) or you can give every model in the aura a +1 strength (by far the most useful of the three, again making units go from average to awesome), ALL FOR 1 POINT. Keep in mind to protect this unit, usually keeping them in the back, because troll armies only succeed based on their support, and any smart player knows to kill these off first. You'd be surprised, though, how long they last because you will be presenting a lot of other immediate threats. 

Actually, now that I think about it, this is the only auto-include unit that I know for beast heavy armies. You can put other units in, but ultimately they would be taking points away from other support models and beasts. 

Onto solos... Unquestionably, without a doubt, you will need at LEAST one unit of Troll Whelps. This two point solo has saved my ass every game that I have ever used them. Always keep them off the table when deploying. Always remember to pop them out when a beast is damaged. One trick to keep in mind is when a jack or beast charges a beast of yours. After their first attack gets through you pop out a whelp within 1" of your beast and 1" of their beast/jack. This will make the rest of the attacks at -1 to hit, which coupled with +2 armor from KSB harder to kill. If your beast survives the onslaught then they have something to eat to help regenerate, although you will most likely be using them for comfort food to get rid of unwanted fury. Since they don't start off on the table your opponent will tend to forget about them, so when you charge in and have over 20 fury on the table he will think "Man this guy is screwed next turn" but then you use 1 or 2 of your whelps and POOF no threshold checks. Priceless. 

Another priceless solo: Janissa Stonetide. When I started using her I couldn't imagine life without her. She is the perfect defensive tool for any army and has a surprising offensive tool too. Keep her close to your caster to put up a wall about 0.5" away from him on a vulnerable side. Walls have a special rule that says you can't charge over them and you can't end your movement on top of them, effectively closing off any charges short of reach. If a reach unit does get the charge the target gets a +2 def in melee. If you're going against a gargantuan putting a wall 3.5" - 4" in front makes them impossible to get close because of its large base size! Her tectonic shift is great for late game. Sometimes you'll get an opportunity to move close to a warcaster's bodyguard unit and shove them 3" to the side for an assassination run, or move the caster 3" to the side or closer. Very rarely will you want to use her axe, although it is an armor piercing weapon, her other two abilities make it seem not as useful. 

Other solos are okay, but not auto-include like those two. 


As I said earlier the first beast you will buy is Mulg, no questions. He's essentially a Mauler on crack with a big stick. At first his stats don't seem too off the wall he can get ridiculous with animi. He gets an extra attack for Doomshaper's Affinity, if your warlock gets damaged (and hopefully transferred) he gets a free advance. If he's damaged by an enemy attack he gets +2 speed next turn. Plus he heals and has critical smite. Couple that with the axer's animus to increase his speed another +2 with pathfinder and eDoomy's feat to have a +3 speed to charges, slams, etc., as WELL as eDoomy's Goad ability, you get what used to be a SPD 4 snail to a potential 14" charge with REACH, and if he kills something (which he will) ANOTHER 2" MOVE!!!!Trample to the caster FTW

Now that is an extreme example. In reality you will reliably be able to get a 12" charge with reach, which is nothing to scoff at, especially considering that there is NOTHING in the game that Mulg can't kill in one turn. NOTHING. Slap Wild Aggression on him from Doomy on turn 1 and see the carnage as Mulg now charges for free and has boosted melee attacks! That is about as efficient as it gets in regards to kill output. That means he should only be spending fury to buy more attacks, since boosting damage is inefficient when he's got a P+S of 20 (19 base with 1 from KSB). If he doesn't need the axer's animus then use the Mauler's for an additional +3 strength/damage. CRAZY! 

That brings me to the next auto include: the Mauler. Single handed the model that made me play TB. He has two open fists for all power attacks, an awesome Animus that makes any beast a killer, the best chain attack in the game, and a great looking model (at least the old one). He should be there to pump out an animus to Mulg, but if not then charging and killing something and throwing it into other things. I always boost this guy's initial attacks to get the chain attack for a free power throw, with his high strength he should be able to throw something far and into another jack/beast. Having two knocked down jacks greatly affects the caster's next turn to be efficient with focus and will hinder the retaliation significantly. It's not quite as crushing against hordes, but it is still significant nonetheless. He tends to really shine when coupled with Madrak, but he fits with any caster, especially a beast heavy eDoomy army. 

After that there's the Axer. Bring him for the wickedly powerful animus and thresher attacks. One thing that beast armies can have issues with is going against swarms of infantry. With the Axer having thresher that no longer is a problem, since he can pump up his speed with his animus then attack a butt load of models with reach and thresher. I've killed whole units with this guy. If you need to you can cast Wild Aggression on him for boosted Melee attack rolls for his thresher, and that will guarantee some blood. One way to do so is activate Mulg first, who should have Wild Aggression on, then activating eDoomy to cast Wild Aggression on the Axer. This way you can take care of heavy hitters and swarms of infantry. His main goal, however, is to allow eDoomy to use his animus as much as possible in the early rounds. If eDoomy uses his feat, then uses 6 fury to cast Rush on 3 different beasts, those beasts have a huge charge range of SPD+3+5 with pathfinder! Hell, you don't even have to charge. Hide behind forests so that your beasts can't be charged. Your enemy may even do the same thinking that you won't have LOS to them either. Then you pop the feat and cast Rush and just Trample through the forest and start striking. These are the kind of combos that make Trolls ridiculously better than their stat lines suggest. 

Now those are the must have beasts. One other beast to keep in mind is the Bouncer, although this is optional. Having the bouncer around means having a high armor beast with a reach/chain weapon. He is a bodyguard, mostly there to keep popping his animus on the caster to prevent unforeseen melee assassinations as well as to shield guard from shooting assassinations. Nothing too great, but between him and Janissa it's some pretty good insurance considering almost everything else in your army will be far out front stuck in some heavy melees. 

Another beast to consider is the Mountain King gargantuan. For all the combos I've mentioned already, they become, pun intended, gargantuan with him. +2 SPD/Pathfinder, Wild Aggression, feat, KSB +2 arm, etc. He may be a bit unwieldy and easily manipulated by the enemy, but that would have a great shock factor to have Mulg, a Mauler, then A MOUNTAIN KING. Even though he sprouts his own troll whelps, bring a unit anyway. You will see your enemy's frustration once they do all that damage then you eat 10 whelps at once to heal for 10-30 damage. 

Lastly think about the Earth Born Dire Troll. He is actually more like an auto include, but I honestly prefer the Mauler over the EBDT. If you do bring the EBDT you bring along his awesome animus. If you cast the animus on Mulg with the EBDT right next to him and Janissa's wall behind them with the KSB aura, the two of them can get a 22 and 23 armor. If they happen to be next to difficult terrain they get +2 speed. It's great to have him, and with Janissa it becomes less table-dependent to field him, so if you have the points I'd field him. He's also good at assassinations since he adapts the POW of any weapon in B2B with him (perhaps MULG or an enemy warcaster!). Plus he's one of the coolest looking models in the game. 

There you have it! I've thought about this kind of army for a long time now, I've just never gotten around to building it since I haven't even finished painting my Madrak force. 

Hope this helps!

That's it for my first tactica. It's not to structured, mostly concentrating on a beast heavy army. Maybe for next time I'll write one for pMadrak.

Another update...

Hi there interwebs!

I know that it has been a long time. I have actually been doing a lot of hobby stuff, but I don't want to post up anything until it's all done. I can however give a quick update as to what I have been up to as well as give a short tactica.

On the hobby side of things I might have taken a slowdown for Infinity. I ordered a bunch of new models, essentially at least 300 more points, and when they got in I just immediately fell out of the mood for them. I've always known that my least favorite part of wargaming is the actual modelling itself. Granted, I am pretty handy with conversions and modelling, as I've been doing it since 3rd grade. I know though it is the most labor intensive portion and can also be the most frustrating (next to actually playing an annoying opponent lol). I also see it as the longest gratifying portion, as very intricate conversions don't wow the average gamer as much as a great paintjob. For example - and this is only based on my judgement - a great conversion with an awful paintjob will go unnoticed next to a stock model with a great paintjob.

So with my pessimistic mentality toward modeling (again, only my mentality - I know that it is a rewarding part of our hobby and frankly can be argued is the hobby lol) the minute I opened up my package with all my new toys I decided that it is too much work for me to do right now, especially considering there is only one other person I know that plays this game, and hasn't even read all of the rules yet.

So I decided to go back to my first labor of love and my 2013 new year's resolution... my loveable Troolbloods!

I remembered that I made a new year's resolution to play a fully painted 50 point Troll army. I thought that since the majority of it was already painted it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Like most resolutions at first everything went swimmingly and I was down to around 6 models left to paint. Then I got my new job and kind of forgot about it. Well I got to remembering and decided to pick that up again. I basecoated 4 of the 6 models and I'd say I'm about 50-60% done with them (I'm assembly line-ing them). I've left two next to my Dremel since I have to do extensive drilling on them (again, procrastinating the modeling portion). Once I am done with that I will post my pics of my army as a testament that I actually fulfilled my resolution.

Once I'm done with that I will have to decide between painting my Retribution Army, my brand spanking new Mercenary army, or my Yu Jing. Most likely I will start with one and do another to ensure nothing actually gets done.

In other news, I'm having difficulties learning the airbrush. Part of that is due to not spending an incredible amount of time with it, all in all I think I've spent an hour or two using it. It comes out too watery for the models. I'm going to have to mess with it a bit more.

Well, that's all I've got for an update. I'm going to make a separate post for my Tactica.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Laser Terrain

So, I know it's been a while, but I have been busy. Two ER visits, a 72 gallon turtle tank and 6 replaced tires made me fall behind on a few things.

However I have also updated a few things in regards to hobby gaming...

One, I purchased a compressor for my airbrush. It is awesome! Pretty quiet... and it can range up to 80 PSI. I did a test run on some newsprint with a stencil... although I got a good feel for the thing, let's just say that the artwork I attempted came out less than stellar.

Inspired by the art I found from airbrush artists I made some off-gaming purchases at Hobby Lobby and Michael's, but this week I found myself renewed in my gaming goals.

Here is what I did yesterday:

I found the template on the Infinity forums from Deep-Green-X, which is awesome because although I had plans on making my own buildings and such I never had the time to make them. They are much more complicated than they appear, especially considering I do not have a 3-D program like AutoCAD, only CorelDraw - which is still an awesome program, just not one that is as efficient at 3-D models.

This one is actually one of the simpler ones he designed. I'll update more when I do the rest. They all nestle within each other for transportation and can stack on top of one another for vertical modulation. I did, however, experience an issue with the cutting, but that was because the settings I made were slightly not enough, so next time I will add MO POWAAAHH!!!1!

I've also painted a model for my Yu Jing, but until it's finished I won't post any pics.

That's it for now!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trollbloods vs. Cryx Battle Report

Yesterday I had played a 50pt game of Warmachine/Hordes with a buddy. I played using my lovable Trollbloods while he used his detestable Cryx. 

My army was my standard Madrak brick: it consisted of a unit of champions in front and a Krielstone unit in back with Janissa Stonetide in the middle, all of which is 3 inches of Madrak's Surefoot spell. This brick is one tough nut to crack!

His army consisted of pAsphyxious, which he did a Tier 4 list. This meant lots of exploding undead stuff and FAST jacks. He brought 3 Seethers, which I found to admire a bit, as well as two chicken nodes. His units were Mechanithralls and other various bits. 

The game went through as most of my brick games go. We both run first turn, although I only ran 8 to disrupt charging distance the next turn. Since I wasn't able to get the charge with my champions on the second turn I sent my valiant Champion Hero to run up and bear hug the Mechanithralls. This meant either killing him and being vulnerable to counterattack or walking away and receiving free strikes with reach that could easily cut them up. It also denied a decent charge to anything due to needing to go in a straight line. 

To prevent other charges Janissa set up her porta-wall in front of the Champs. The beasts then blocked the flanks from charging in and tying up the Champs, who if you don't know are the backbone of my army, along with my Axer and Mauler. 

He decided to just kill the champion, leaving the unit open to counterattack. When it was time for the counterattack the trolls went all out. Popping Madrak's feat the Champs killed two jacks and the Axer cleared all the Mechanithralls and a Skarlocke, along with other Casualties. 

With my opponent taking the turn after this he decided to call the game. I gave him a few pointers on how to improve his list and how Asphixious could have been a bit more damaging. Overall it was a great game, and another notch under Madrak's belt!

Infinity update

Well, construction of my Yu Jing ISS is near completion. I only need to laser cut some acrylic sheets and MDF for the bases and then I can get to painting! Also I've actually been taking pictures of my undertakings this weekend. 

Also of note: I finally got to play my first game of Infinity!

As expected, it seems really brutal. We only got to play for 30 minutes because he ended up needing to leave, but it was a great game for that short amount of time. Infinity has such a great system and interesting aesthetic that several people in the store saw what we were doing and instantly jumped on board, with a few that are buying a starter for next week!

More updates to come!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi all!

I know I haven't done anything at all to this blog as of yet, but considering the lack of travel on the page it really is of no consequence.

Just a few updates since my last post:

I recently purchased an IWATA Eclipse HP-CS airbrush. I'm excited to start using an airbrush as a new tool. I believe it may help elevate my level of painting, which has been stagnant as of late. All I need is a compressor to get things rolling!

I've also gotten the laser engraver ready to go and will hopefully start cutting things today. My first cuts are going toward my Infinity bases for my Yu-Jing. I've also brought my laptop with me to work so that I could design some Infinity counters during lunch. I've gotten some acrylic sheets to cut them out of. Infinity is a game with a lot of statuses for models, so having numerous counters are crucial to speeding up gameplay. I plan on bringing my laptop to work every day. I realized that if I put an hour a day during lunch toward laser designs I might actually get something done.

In thinking about this blog over the last week I've realized that in order for it to become more interesting I've got to start taking pictures of all my works in progress. I'm so used to only photographing my finished works and have never thought of work in progress pics. Again, it's been close to a decade since I've blogged. Rust needs shaking off!

I've also been priming my orks. I've recently ordered 3 cans of demonic yellow primer from Army Painter. I've had some bad experience with spray primer, so bad in fact that around 5 years ago I vowed to never use it again and only painted on my primer (which Imperial Primer from Citadel Color became a godsend once it was available!). Maybe it was because I was in Huntsville, TX, where humidity comes to breed, and almost all my efforts to spray prime became dusty pieces of crap that ruined my perfectly good models. I've sprayed through one can so far, and my fears resurfaced again. My first models were caked on too thick. My second attempt yielded dusty models! I HATE DUSTY MODELS! Ugh. Earlier in the week I had much more success with Wal-Mart spray paints. Granted, I bought 3 different cans of white from Wally World, one can of yellow from Michael's and one can of yellow from Hobby Lobby. The yellow from Hobby Lobby was glossy, although nowhere on the can does it say gloss, and bubbled up everywhere - not to mention caked up any detail on the model. The ork face was just a yellow blob with bubbles everywhere. The can from Michael's was a huge disappointment. It was Liquitex, acrylic, the perfect shade of yellow, and a matte finish. Too bad it was like water. It acted as a spray wash, where it was translucent on the raised areas and pooled in the recesses, thickening up all detail. I bought two Rustoleum primers at Wal-Mart, one turned out to be gloss, and the other I haven't tried yet. I also bought one that was a 2x coverage primer (forgot the brand), which I had the least amount of hope for thinking that it would cake up any detail as well but figured what the hell. That was the only one that I was satisfied with, plus it was the first one I tried! So in the end I figured I'll spray my remaining 2 battlewagons and trukk with the yellow primer (when you first spray with it it turns out fine, just too thick if you're as dumb as me and spray too close!) before it gets dusty. Then worst case scenario I spray white primer for my boyz and paint the yellow on.

I'm also in the middle of painting my last Impaler in my Trollblood army. He's about 40% done. After that I will paint Janissa Stonetide. After THAT I have 4 stone scribes and a stone scribe Chronicler to paint and my 50pt Madrak list is complete! It would have only taken 4 years!

Resolution: take more pics. The interwebs loves pics.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is my first post letting you guys know what this will be all about!

I haven't blogged in over 9 years, so I may need a bit of rust dusting...

This blog will mainly be about wargaming. I mainly play Warmachine/Hordes, but I also play Warhammer Fantasy and 40k as well as my new love Infinity. I have a lot of plans in the making and hope to use this blog as a way of motivating me to stay on target with my hobbies. We all know how much we wish we could get done by the way of painting and building, but life gets in the way (damn you full time job!).

So, I'd like to start this blog by listing a few of my goals:

1. Paint my current armies to 100% fully painted.

2. Build a portable table.

3. Begin using the laser printer to create terrain, templates and tokens.

4. Learn painting techniques from other bloggers.

Those are my main goals, mainly getting 100% painted. I have rarely ever gotten a fully painted army to the standard at which I am happy. My first army I want fully painted will be my Trollbloods. They are very close to being 100% painted for my 50 point Madrak army (which is my main army). I think I only have about 5 or 6 models left that need painting, so I will post my progress up here for all to see. After that I will paint my Infinity army. Considering I only have 7 models it shouldn't be too difficult, but I plan on taking about a week on each model so that I can paint it as my best work yet. After that I don't have any definite plans, although I do paint my Orks from time to time because they are pretty fun to paint.

Other than that I will also be posting some musings on gaming, such as observations of the industry or tactics within a certain faction or army. I want to post my current army lists for each build I use to show others a thing or two on how I operate my armies.

Not a very organized first post, but I haven't even added any friends or started following yet, so no big loss there... trust me, it will get better from here.