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Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Laser Terrain

So, I know it's been a while, but I have been busy. Two ER visits, a 72 gallon turtle tank and 6 replaced tires made me fall behind on a few things.

However I have also updated a few things in regards to hobby gaming...

One, I purchased a compressor for my airbrush. It is awesome! Pretty quiet... and it can range up to 80 PSI. I did a test run on some newsprint with a stencil... although I got a good feel for the thing, let's just say that the artwork I attempted came out less than stellar.

Inspired by the art I found from airbrush artists I made some off-gaming purchases at Hobby Lobby and Michael's, but this week I found myself renewed in my gaming goals.

Here is what I did yesterday:

I found the template on the Infinity forums from Deep-Green-X, which is awesome because although I had plans on making my own buildings and such I never had the time to make them. They are much more complicated than they appear, especially considering I do not have a 3-D program like AutoCAD, only CorelDraw - which is still an awesome program, just not one that is as efficient at 3-D models.

This one is actually one of the simpler ones he designed. I'll update more when I do the rest. They all nestle within each other for transportation and can stack on top of one another for vertical modulation. I did, however, experience an issue with the cutting, but that was because the settings I made were slightly not enough, so next time I will add MO POWAAAHH!!!1!

I've also painted a model for my Yu Jing, but until it's finished I won't post any pics.

That's it for now!