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Monday, August 12, 2013

Another update...

Hi there interwebs!

I know that it has been a long time. I have actually been doing a lot of hobby stuff, but I don't want to post up anything until it's all done. I can however give a quick update as to what I have been up to as well as give a short tactica.

On the hobby side of things I might have taken a slowdown for Infinity. I ordered a bunch of new models, essentially at least 300 more points, and when they got in I just immediately fell out of the mood for them. I've always known that my least favorite part of wargaming is the actual modelling itself. Granted, I am pretty handy with conversions and modelling, as I've been doing it since 3rd grade. I know though it is the most labor intensive portion and can also be the most frustrating (next to actually playing an annoying opponent lol). I also see it as the longest gratifying portion, as very intricate conversions don't wow the average gamer as much as a great paintjob. For example - and this is only based on my judgement - a great conversion with an awful paintjob will go unnoticed next to a stock model with a great paintjob.

So with my pessimistic mentality toward modeling (again, only my mentality - I know that it is a rewarding part of our hobby and frankly can be argued is the hobby lol) the minute I opened up my package with all my new toys I decided that it is too much work for me to do right now, especially considering there is only one other person I know that plays this game, and hasn't even read all of the rules yet.

So I decided to go back to my first labor of love and my 2013 new year's resolution... my loveable Troolbloods!

I remembered that I made a new year's resolution to play a fully painted 50 point Troll army. I thought that since the majority of it was already painted it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Like most resolutions at first everything went swimmingly and I was down to around 6 models left to paint. Then I got my new job and kind of forgot about it. Well I got to remembering and decided to pick that up again. I basecoated 4 of the 6 models and I'd say I'm about 50-60% done with them (I'm assembly line-ing them). I've left two next to my Dremel since I have to do extensive drilling on them (again, procrastinating the modeling portion). Once I am done with that I will post my pics of my army as a testament that I actually fulfilled my resolution.

Once I'm done with that I will have to decide between painting my Retribution Army, my brand spanking new Mercenary army, or my Yu Jing. Most likely I will start with one and do another to ensure nothing actually gets done.

In other news, I'm having difficulties learning the airbrush. Part of that is due to not spending an incredible amount of time with it, all in all I think I've spent an hour or two using it. It comes out too watery for the models. I'm going to have to mess with it a bit more.

Well, that's all I've got for an update. I'm going to make a separate post for my Tactica.