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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trollbloods vs. Cryx Battle Report

Yesterday I had played a 50pt game of Warmachine/Hordes with a buddy. I played using my lovable Trollbloods while he used his detestable Cryx. 

My army was my standard Madrak brick: it consisted of a unit of champions in front and a Krielstone unit in back with Janissa Stonetide in the middle, all of which is 3 inches of Madrak's Surefoot spell. This brick is one tough nut to crack!

His army consisted of pAsphyxious, which he did a Tier 4 list. This meant lots of exploding undead stuff and FAST jacks. He brought 3 Seethers, which I found to admire a bit, as well as two chicken nodes. His units were Mechanithralls and other various bits. 

The game went through as most of my brick games go. We both run first turn, although I only ran 8 to disrupt charging distance the next turn. Since I wasn't able to get the charge with my champions on the second turn I sent my valiant Champion Hero to run up and bear hug the Mechanithralls. This meant either killing him and being vulnerable to counterattack or walking away and receiving free strikes with reach that could easily cut them up. It also denied a decent charge to anything due to needing to go in a straight line. 

To prevent other charges Janissa set up her porta-wall in front of the Champs. The beasts then blocked the flanks from charging in and tying up the Champs, who if you don't know are the backbone of my army, along with my Axer and Mauler. 

He decided to just kill the champion, leaving the unit open to counterattack. When it was time for the counterattack the trolls went all out. Popping Madrak's feat the Champs killed two jacks and the Axer cleared all the Mechanithralls and a Skarlocke, along with other Casualties. 

With my opponent taking the turn after this he decided to call the game. I gave him a few pointers on how to improve his list and how Asphixious could have been a bit more damaging. Overall it was a great game, and another notch under Madrak's belt!

Infinity update

Well, construction of my Yu Jing ISS is near completion. I only need to laser cut some acrylic sheets and MDF for the bases and then I can get to painting! Also I've actually been taking pictures of my undertakings this weekend. 

Also of note: I finally got to play my first game of Infinity!

As expected, it seems really brutal. We only got to play for 30 minutes because he ended up needing to leave, but it was a great game for that short amount of time. Infinity has such a great system and interesting aesthetic that several people in the store saw what we were doing and instantly jumped on board, with a few that are buying a starter for next week!

More updates to come!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi all!

I know I haven't done anything at all to this blog as of yet, but considering the lack of travel on the page it really is of no consequence.

Just a few updates since my last post:

I recently purchased an IWATA Eclipse HP-CS airbrush. I'm excited to start using an airbrush as a new tool. I believe it may help elevate my level of painting, which has been stagnant as of late. All I need is a compressor to get things rolling!

I've also gotten the laser engraver ready to go and will hopefully start cutting things today. My first cuts are going toward my Infinity bases for my Yu-Jing. I've also brought my laptop with me to work so that I could design some Infinity counters during lunch. I've gotten some acrylic sheets to cut them out of. Infinity is a game with a lot of statuses for models, so having numerous counters are crucial to speeding up gameplay. I plan on bringing my laptop to work every day. I realized that if I put an hour a day during lunch toward laser designs I might actually get something done.

In thinking about this blog over the last week I've realized that in order for it to become more interesting I've got to start taking pictures of all my works in progress. I'm so used to only photographing my finished works and have never thought of work in progress pics. Again, it's been close to a decade since I've blogged. Rust needs shaking off!

I've also been priming my orks. I've recently ordered 3 cans of demonic yellow primer from Army Painter. I've had some bad experience with spray primer, so bad in fact that around 5 years ago I vowed to never use it again and only painted on my primer (which Imperial Primer from Citadel Color became a godsend once it was available!). Maybe it was because I was in Huntsville, TX, where humidity comes to breed, and almost all my efforts to spray prime became dusty pieces of crap that ruined my perfectly good models. I've sprayed through one can so far, and my fears resurfaced again. My first models were caked on too thick. My second attempt yielded dusty models! I HATE DUSTY MODELS! Ugh. Earlier in the week I had much more success with Wal-Mart spray paints. Granted, I bought 3 different cans of white from Wally World, one can of yellow from Michael's and one can of yellow from Hobby Lobby. The yellow from Hobby Lobby was glossy, although nowhere on the can does it say gloss, and bubbled up everywhere - not to mention caked up any detail on the model. The ork face was just a yellow blob with bubbles everywhere. The can from Michael's was a huge disappointment. It was Liquitex, acrylic, the perfect shade of yellow, and a matte finish. Too bad it was like water. It acted as a spray wash, where it was translucent on the raised areas and pooled in the recesses, thickening up all detail. I bought two Rustoleum primers at Wal-Mart, one turned out to be gloss, and the other I haven't tried yet. I also bought one that was a 2x coverage primer (forgot the brand), which I had the least amount of hope for thinking that it would cake up any detail as well but figured what the hell. That was the only one that I was satisfied with, plus it was the first one I tried! So in the end I figured I'll spray my remaining 2 battlewagons and trukk with the yellow primer (when you first spray with it it turns out fine, just too thick if you're as dumb as me and spray too close!) before it gets dusty. Then worst case scenario I spray white primer for my boyz and paint the yellow on.

I'm also in the middle of painting my last Impaler in my Trollblood army. He's about 40% done. After that I will paint Janissa Stonetide. After THAT I have 4 stone scribes and a stone scribe Chronicler to paint and my 50pt Madrak list is complete! It would have only taken 4 years!

Resolution: take more pics. The interwebs loves pics.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is my first post letting you guys know what this will be all about!

I haven't blogged in over 9 years, so I may need a bit of rust dusting...

This blog will mainly be about wargaming. I mainly play Warmachine/Hordes, but I also play Warhammer Fantasy and 40k as well as my new love Infinity. I have a lot of plans in the making and hope to use this blog as a way of motivating me to stay on target with my hobbies. We all know how much we wish we could get done by the way of painting and building, but life gets in the way (damn you full time job!).

So, I'd like to start this blog by listing a few of my goals:

1. Paint my current armies to 100% fully painted.

2. Build a portable table.

3. Begin using the laser printer to create terrain, templates and tokens.

4. Learn painting techniques from other bloggers.

Those are my main goals, mainly getting 100% painted. I have rarely ever gotten a fully painted army to the standard at which I am happy. My first army I want fully painted will be my Trollbloods. They are very close to being 100% painted for my 50 point Madrak army (which is my main army). I think I only have about 5 or 6 models left that need painting, so I will post my progress up here for all to see. After that I will paint my Infinity army. Considering I only have 7 models it shouldn't be too difficult, but I plan on taking about a week on each model so that I can paint it as my best work yet. After that I don't have any definite plans, although I do paint my Orks from time to time because they are pretty fun to paint.

Other than that I will also be posting some musings on gaming, such as observations of the industry or tactics within a certain faction or army. I want to post my current army lists for each build I use to show others a thing or two on how I operate my armies.

Not a very organized first post, but I haven't even added any friends or started following yet, so no big loss there... trust me, it will get better from here.