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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trollbloods vs. Cryx Battle Report

Yesterday I had played a 50pt game of Warmachine/Hordes with a buddy. I played using my lovable Trollbloods while he used his detestable Cryx. 

My army was my standard Madrak brick: it consisted of a unit of champions in front and a Krielstone unit in back with Janissa Stonetide in the middle, all of which is 3 inches of Madrak's Surefoot spell. This brick is one tough nut to crack!

His army consisted of pAsphyxious, which he did a Tier 4 list. This meant lots of exploding undead stuff and FAST jacks. He brought 3 Seethers, which I found to admire a bit, as well as two chicken nodes. His units were Mechanithralls and other various bits. 

The game went through as most of my brick games go. We both run first turn, although I only ran 8 to disrupt charging distance the next turn. Since I wasn't able to get the charge with my champions on the second turn I sent my valiant Champion Hero to run up and bear hug the Mechanithralls. This meant either killing him and being vulnerable to counterattack or walking away and receiving free strikes with reach that could easily cut them up. It also denied a decent charge to anything due to needing to go in a straight line. 

To prevent other charges Janissa set up her porta-wall in front of the Champs. The beasts then blocked the flanks from charging in and tying up the Champs, who if you don't know are the backbone of my army, along with my Axer and Mauler. 

He decided to just kill the champion, leaving the unit open to counterattack. When it was time for the counterattack the trolls went all out. Popping Madrak's feat the Champs killed two jacks and the Axer cleared all the Mechanithralls and a Skarlocke, along with other Casualties. 

With my opponent taking the turn after this he decided to call the game. I gave him a few pointers on how to improve his list and how Asphixious could have been a bit more damaging. Overall it was a great game, and another notch under Madrak's belt!