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Monday, June 23, 2014

Malifaux Weekend

I finally got to get some real Malifaux experience in on Saturday!

It was quite fun, and a definitely needed learning experience. I got quite a few rules and understandings wrong. I also got to play some highly competitive gamers so I got a unique perspective on how to play. I lost all three matches as expected, however I would have won the last one had an observer not pointed out a flaw in the last turn to my opponent (d'oh! He apologized afterward).

It's a great game, and it's definitely difficult to shake off some notions from my experiences with other wargames, namely making sure not to just want to kill everything unless necessary.

I also got a better idea of what my models can do, along with which models I'll want to purchase next. A good henchman to pair with Misaki is important, and although I knew I didn't really like Ototo before (his model is beautiful, though) I learned to truly not like his abilities compared to other models who are far better capable beatsticks. I got a unit of Thunder Archers to try them out, although I mostly got them because they ooze awesome, and plan on getting Yamaziko and some Oiran next (and if the budget allows, some Monks of Low River).

Here are some pics!