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Monday, March 2, 2015


Here's my latest work, a beast of a model named Killjoy for Malifaux.

He was a challenge to paint. However, I did manage to get him done in essentially one sitting, which is unheard of in my experience. I managed to forget to green stuff the incredibly obvious seam across the entire model and didn't realize it until I started painting him, and I'm too lazy (or defeated) to fix it. Oh well, can't be perfect all the time. He still looks good for a game, and that's fine by me. I'm sure I'll get comments on the gap when he's on the table, but screw it.

I tried a new style for him since he's so different from any model I've ever painted. A lot of his texture is extremely subtle, especially on his legs and back. If i did the normal technique of layering it would have been excruciating to do it by brush and mixing, not to mention I would never get it smooth enough. So I airbrushed the skin and did a harsh dark line (almost unheard of for texture not armor like), and it created a quick and unique look. Cel-shaded video games such as Borderlands and The Walking Dead came to mind when I started dark-lining him. At first I hated it and thought I wasted so much time and effort just to ruin it with one brush stroke, but with some encouraging words from the wife I stuck with it and ended up liking it. It's not my best, but it's certainly not my worst.

Now I'm working on painting my Viktoria crew, using a similar technique to tie them all together. It should go much smoother, since they have familiar textures like armor plating (which creates easy values) and swords which are fun to show off airbrush techniques on.

In other news I've begun to dive in with my friend Reuben on making YouTube videos for tabletop gaming. It's extremely exciting, considering I haven't been able to utilize my video skills since college. It is, after all, what I got a degree in. I've figured some low cost ways to do the best videos and will attempt to make cinematic approaches on conventional battle reports and videos.