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Monday, November 23, 2015


Here are some WIP shots of my MERCS scatter terrain. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out, although I'm honestly stumped as to how I plan on painting the barrels. I know I'll be doing some weathering and rust streaks, but luckily since it's just terrain I can afford to experiment or make mistakes.

I've shown these pieces before and got a bug to try to finish them last night. I think it's a great trick to use these round bases for terrain bits. If you use the cork to break up the round shape it's even better, and when these are side by side they can make a continuous wall of barrels. It was extremely easy to make, didn't cost much other than buying the barrels (which are super cheap) and I used cork I already had - but wouldn't cost much to get anyway. I did the current paint job in less than an hour using the airbrush, and you could easily leave it at where it is now and have it blend with the table, but I plan on doing a bit more to it.

Other than that I've been painting up more Malifuax models - and I'm trying the assembly line technique again, but mostly in regards to base coats, basing and general similar colors. After a certain point I get back to painting them individually. It's a bit of a time saver, and helps get my crew to tabletop standard when I play with them.

I've also been playing my weekly game and discovering the highs and lows of the learning curve. I'm currently on a low (lol) but I'll pick it back up soon.