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Monday, December 14, 2015


Here's my latest effort:

Pew Pew!

I've worked on and off on this dude for the last few weeks. He's one of my favorite sculpts for the House 9 faction. He looks like he was plucked straight from the Terminator resistance fighters. I'd say he's about 90% done, I've just got to paint all the brown straps and pick out a few other details like the eyes or the shell casings.

I didn't realize this until it was too late, but this model isn't exactly consistent with my previous model for the faction. The House Member I painted earlier was one of the first that I did this NMM technique on, and I was very sparse with the pure white highlights. Up until last night I always kept the House Member close by for reference to keep the Pack Rat consistent. The most important step, the NMM, to keep consistent between the two is when I decide to not keep the HM close by. Ugh. Well the Pack Rat's armor is a whole lot shinier now, so maybe if I'm not too lazy I'll go back on the House Member and brighten it up a bit. Probably not. Ha!

Also in keeping with the basing theme I tried out some rusted barbed wire. It's pretty awesome stuff to add on the base. Eventually I'll add the lines on the side for the arcs and add some greenery to break up the color.