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Thursday, January 12, 2017

2016 Malifaux Data

Hey Folks!

So it took me a while to figure out how to put a spreadsheet into the blog, and this was the best I could come up with.

I was able to put all my notes from recorded games in 2016 into one spreadsheet. It was an interesting process, and although by itself it doesn't make me a better player it's intriguing to discover if there are any correlations or notes I could gather from comparing a year's worth of data.

So over the year I was able to record 54 games - there are only a few that I didn't record notes on because they were demo games or I didn't have my book with me. So here are a few bullet points on what I discovered:

  • 31 games were won (57% win ratio)
    • Of those wins 21 were using Leveticus (68%), 5 were Viktorias (24%)
  • Leveticus was my most used master, totaling 33 games (61%). He has a Win Ratio of 64% (21/33)
  • Viktorias were used for 10 games (20%) and had a Win Ratio of 50%. I'm sure I could do better with them in 2017, considering that most of these games were at the beginning of the year or so and I didn't have them dialed in like I do now
  • Parker Barrows has a Win Ratio of 0% over 4 games! Not enough play time to be useful data, but c'mon - over 4 games I should have learned something, but he's pretty terrible
  • Of the 23 games where I recorded initiative flips there seemed to be no direct correlation between Win/Loss and the amount of times I won or lost initiative flips (either the majority of times or otherwise)
  • Molly and Asami were my most often faced enemy masters, with Rasputina coming in third. This surprised me as it didn't seem like I had faced them most often.
  • I took Convict Labor in 37 games, 22 of which were won (59%) and was my most often picked scheme - not a surprise in terms of most often taken considering it's always available, but more often than not it resulted in a win
    • When I didn't pick Convict Labor my Win Ratio goes down a bit to 53%, but this is kind of skewed as this also includes games not using Gaining Grounds 2016
  • The spread of strategies played was fairly even - 9 games with Collect the Bounty, 8 games with Extraction, Guard the Stash and Interference (as my most often played ones)

It's really interesting to see the overall statistics of how I did throughout the year compared to how I thought I was doing. I knew I used Leveticus most often, but was surprised to find I didn't use Viktorias more than I thought. I was also surprised to find that initiative didn't affect my games nearly as much as I would have guessed. Also, I only played against Lilith once and she's a master I plan my lists around!

Anyway, thought I'd share my notes with you. I highly suggest keeping a notebook with you every time you play. It helps you track your scoring over the game and can be valuable data to look over afterward - especially if you write down the opponent's crew composition to look up later. Writing down your scoring through the game ensures accuracy, so when you have to recall when and what you or your opponent scored it has an accurate recount of the score for both of you. Notating model interactions and when you used soulstones can also help define your play style, important future notes on how models interact between one another, and can tell you what you used your stones most often for.

Start 2017 off right with a notebook for your Malifaux games!