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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions...

So I was one model shy of my 2013 resolution to have a fully painted 50 point Troll army (Damn you Janissa!). I don't mind coming in a few days late, essentially the spirit of the resolution was achieved and I feel accomplished that I finally have a fully painted army in Warmahordes.

Once I finish that last model I will move onto my new resolutions for hobby gaming. These will be listed by priority. My only true resolution is my first one, the rest are just gravy points if I can complete them.

1. Paint my Malifaux crew.

This is my resolution. It will be relatively easy to achieve being that I only have 6 models as of now, but I want to make sure that I do this. This will also include any new purchases for Malifaux. If I have any unpainted Malifaux models by the end of 2014 I will consider this an unresolved resolution.

2. Build my Malifaux paper terrain table.

This means having a fully functioning 3x3 table to play with at home. I've printed most of the terrain I would need, but the process is very time consuming. I'm also having difficulty keeping the tabs at the bottom of the tiles glued, which is very frustrating. I essentially want to complete this so that we have a beautiful table to play on as well as something that will help with battle reports looking professional.

3. Paint my second 50 point Trollblood list.

This will be a lot simpler than last year's resolution due to the fact that the army is smaller and some models overlap the two. I will need to paint Doomshaper, Mulg, the Long Riders and Horthol. So 8 models, 7 of which are large bases, in total. Horthol is about 80% complete, so I tacked this goal onto my side projects thinking if I just sat down and crunched them out it shouldn't be too difficult to acheive.

4. Paint one Mercenary list.

This will be my last tacked on resolution. I have begun to paint my Highborn Covenant list (only 95% completed one model and based 3 more). Although it is a whole 50 point unpainted force, it is significantly smaller than most 50 point armies due to having a large number of jacks. There is only one whole unit in either tournament list, and they are only 7 models total with the Unit attachment. The rest are jacks, solos and the caster. One list is only 18 models. Of the other side resolutions this one is the biggest.

If I buckle down and cranked out my painting/modeling I can easily achieve these goals. None are entirely far fetched. In fact each of these short of the last one can be done in a weekend if I really pushed it.

So there you have it. As usual progress will be posted and pics will be uploaded.