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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Okay so once again it has been a long time.

I just re read my resolutions and saw how far off I've been flung! I've since purchased 2 additional Malifaux crews, so my main resolution has become even more difficult. I have begun painting one model (Taelor) but had put it off due to obligations, laziness, and one Steamroller tournament for Warmachine. I do have big plans for her, which is hurting me, but I want to do these models right. They are extremely small, so it's a bit daunting to paint my usual standard on them.

In regards to my Trolls list I'm about 95% done with Horthol and have begun to paint his dismounted version. I think I'll start to airbrush the long riders afterward and paint Doomshaper for it, which I have converted with a head swap because eDoomy's head is hideous.

I've scrapped the paper terrain. It took entirely too long and didn't turn out how I wanted, plus it is a lot of work for little gains considering that you can make similar terrain using foam board and a little painting know how. Instead I've done two things: I've purchased three sets of terra clips for Malifaux to substitute having quick terrain. These are excellent and look great! I've also subbed in making Infinity terrain for the paper terrain so that I still have the same number of goals for the year so it won't seem like I'm copping out. I'm excited to try it, but again it is only a tacked on goal so it's not a priority.

When I remember I will update this with pics of my progress so far!