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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Here's the wife and I playing Malifaux! We're just playing small games to have her get the hang of it being that it's her first minis game.

As you can see we're using the TerraClips system. It's great for quick and modular set ups, although by quick I mean an hour or two. This build went infinitely smoother this time compared to my first, considering I had a plan of how I wanted it to look. I also used my new "Streets of Malifaux" set, which contained many more 6x6 tiles with a "blank" style, which I prefer tremendously. I don't find it useful to have so many sewer tiles on an aesthetic level. I really wish I could find a "Buildings of Malifaux" set. I've received word from Miniature Market that they contacted the manufacturer WorldWorks Gamesand was told that they would be reprinting more copies, they just don't know when. If I could get my hands on just one set it'd be perfect (although truthfully I'd want two!).

We're working on getting our crews painted, and once we do Kristy is going to help me out with Battle Reports. I've already got a format going, and I'd explain more but I have a tendency to have grand plans and not follow through with them (what gamer doesn't?). So I'll keep it on the hush until I actually go through with things.