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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Game 4/5/14

I got to play my first 8th edition game with my friend Monty. It was Vampires against Vampires, with my list being more attrition and points denial based against his standard tournament style min/max (several min sized wolves and maxed mounted heroes and two terrorgeists). I figured I'd lose like my first 40k game in 6th ed, mostly due to skimming the rules and using old tactics. I didn't do too bad other than terribly deploying my army all on the right flank. This tactic used to work in the old rules, considering the old reform rules and Vanhel's going off more often. When I saw how the new rules worked with movement and magic this proved to be a terrible idea. Although I denied a flank to the enemy I also denied use of that flank, being that their unit was too large to wheel away. The lessons learned hardest are the ones that stick, and considering all that went against me I didn't come out too bad. I definitely confirmed that the build I made for the lord was awesome! Overall he does the following:

  • +2 WS
  • -1 to hit in CC (meaning you'll always hit on 5+)
  • -4 Leadership test and if you fail you reroll successful hits
  • One use automiss attack on 2+
  • Always Strikes First and has a one use item +3 Initiative if I somehow get Always Strikes Last
  • Any unsaved wounds done to the enemy makes them permanently lose an attack per wound
  • Level 4 caster with a +1 channel and +D3 for Invocation
  • 4+ Ward for the small amount of attacks that get through (if any, most didn't)
All this and I didn't even max out my points for him! In this game this amounted to about one wound the first few combats against his tooled out CC lord, which gets healed during my magic phase. I did two wounds overall to his (which also got healed) but he was only swinging with 3 attacks that most likely missed anyway.

In the end I crumbled due to lack of mobility, but I've learned a few things about mitigating that weakness.

Here's a pic from the game. My army is the purple and green one. I painted them a few years back, and I find the scheme rather striking and it's one of my favorite ones to date. 

Overall the feel of the game is similar to that of last edition, unlike the completely different 40k. I still prefer Warmahordes over it, being that Warhammer seems to go at a snail's pace. Plus there's the problem that a lot of models just seem to be filler in an army rather than be significant, where in Malifaux/Warnouns/Infinity each piece seems to contribute to the feel of your army.

It's still fun, just not as fulfilling as my other systems are.