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Monday, August 17, 2015

MERCS Miniatures: House Member Complete!


So here is my first completed MERCS model! I'm pretty proud of him, and I used a few new techniques that I believe I previously mentioned. For his base I painted it with GW's Desert Yellow and mixed in some grays and browns, while finishing it off with a mix of Sepia, Brown and Black washes. I painted the can with grays and lined it with a dark grey to give it a sculpted look although it is a flat surface (I used a piece of sprue cut to size). I then used Woodland Scenics grass glued to areas of the sand to create variation and used Army Painter tufts of grass (Wasteland Grass, I believe), which is a superb and easy to use product. I've never gotten the tuft grass look like I see others use all the time and this was simple enough to utilize - all you do is get tweezers to pick out a sufficient tuft and glue it on the base!

The matte varnish kind of frosted teh base of the model, but it's something I anticipated and can live with. I feel that over time my handling of the model will rub it off. Overall a solid piece and a good exercise of a different style for me. I'm still getting a feel for painting browns, although I hadn't realized until I painted him that I hadn't tried Khaki in a very long time. I plan on purchasing Vallejo's Leather/Wood paint set for Angel Giraldez's tutorial to get a better understanding on how to paint those effects, as it did wonders for my NMM technique - which I applied to other techniques outside of NMM.

Once it was all complete I felt much better about my airbrush Olive. Sometimes it's harder to estimate how a portion of the model will look until it is fully done. I look forward to refining certain techniques like the grey/black of the weapon and boots. I want to get it looking more like jet black while utilizing the same colors.

Next on the list: either the House Master or Pack Rat. Either I will paint a MERCS model or a Malifaux Commission, although I don't know which I'll do first...