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Thursday, August 6, 2015

MERCs WIP, Malifaux Gaming and Gencon Goodies!

Hi all!

So it's been a busy week in the gaming department! Lets categorize:


First Model Primed

I got working on my first MERCs model, a House Member. I glued some sand and a big piece of slate on his base. I also took a piece of round sprue and cut it down to size, then glued it on top of the sand. My goal is to create a realistic city fight scene with their bases, and I plan on painting it up like a can of soup!

Here is his current stage...

So far I've sprayed on his main color, olive. Lately I've been in love with this color and it suits this model well as a guerrilla fighter. Only now have I just realized that he's wearing green fatigues in a city fight, but a ragtag group like House 9 don't have matching outfits for every outing lol. I'll see where it takes me!

Yesterday I purchased some green tufts for basing along with razor wire to create more of an urban war zone feel. I plan on trying out a new recipe for skin tone on him too, as this house is centered in the Middle East as well as having a multi-ethnic population. And he has a handlebar mustache, so that's a win!

I also got a 36"x36" game mat yesterday. It's basically a big mouse pad, but with the urban image it works perfectly for MERCs. It can also moonlight as a mat for Malifaux since it has the right dimensions, the aesthetic just doesn't belong. It's still better than unpainted hardboard and masking tape, which is what we usually play on.

Reuben and I also got to play our first game this week!

This game is EPIC.

I've tried to hold back my enthusiasm for the first game, I didn't want another harsh disappointment like I did with Deadzone. This game, however, just rocked my socks. In less than two hours we played 3 games and hardly ever had to use any reference. The rules are clear enough where they don't get in the way of the fun or strategy, and the game flows so well. We only used one of the advanced rules (Bounding), but it's still a hoot within the basic game. I got to use all the models I currently own to see how they operated, and see how the rules interact in real time rather than in theory. I like how mobile the House Member is, and the Chem Engineer's weapon is just brutal. The Boomer was a sad disappointment, though. Not because it didn't perform like I thought it would, it's only because he only rolled one successful attack ever, and he only had to hit on 3s! My first shots of the game required 10s, and my House Member got both his shots through!!

It's a great game, and it begs to have terrain built for it. I showed a few of mine, and Reuben got bit by the bug and printed out a 3'x2' mat along with making his own barriers. I have a few more plans of my own, but I'm going to concentrate on painting my current force before anything else.


First off, the goodies!

One of the players here went to Gencon and was gracious enough to pick up models for us. I got the Shenlong starter, a Lone Swordsman and the Gencon Exclusive Miss Anne Thrope (who counts as a Wastrel). It's all Ten Thunders stuff, and it wouldn't normally be released any time soon (Shenlong isn't even scheduled yet as far as I know, so that's at least until after November). I have plans (where have I heard that before?) for Shenlong's model, and I hope it goes to what I imagine. It's funny that I haven't even finished his proxy, although it was definitely table top ready. Overall though I think that I'll just build the rest of his crew, then only paint Shenlong because he's the only one I'm excited to paint.

Lately I've been trying to game regularly with the guys at Montag's for Malifaux. Their crew is extremely skilled and I'm hoping to learn a thing or two by playing them consistently. Well it's starting to pay off, because I got my first legitimate win last night!

I played my typical Viktoria crew due to my model limitations, and he played a Lynch crew. The Strategy was Reconnoiter, which I hate since I don't have a high model count, with the schemes Plant Evidence, Assassinate, Protect territory, ALITS and take prisoner. I know my crew rather well now, at least enough to know their capabilities. I chose Protect Territory and Assassinate and kept them hidden.

The main event was on turn one. I deployed the Viks and the Student in the center, the Convict Gunslinger on the left by himself and Johana with a Ronin on the right. The plan was to kill models to deny the Strategy, while capitalizing on Assassinate. The end game would be my flank models popping schemes and sitting on them while claiming two quarters for Reconnoiter. Johana and the Ronin are capable of sitting on schemes and the quarter, both having hard to kill, and the Convict can kill models quite well. Well first turn he moved the Hungering Darkness and two young Nephilim to the center of the board, directly in front of my Viks and Student. I teleported Ashes, who then teleported Blood and buffed her up. In three attacks all three of his models evaporated. I knew this would then trade with his Nekima, but I felt it was a good trade being that I killed almost half his army - including a heavy hitter - for my one model, who then popped out Killjoy!

In the end I got 4vp to his 2 before calling it on turn 4. I only had 2 models left to his 1 doppelganger, so it was looking like there was no way out for him.

I'm hoping that this is my first step toward being a consistent competitor in games. I'm knowing my Vik crew more and finally have a grasp on using them effectively. I just wish I had a second Outcast master that I can use well - Misaki is not gelling with me at the moment.

Anyway, that's just an update on what I've been up to. Hopefully next time I'll have some completed pics for you to enjoy!