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Friday, February 5, 2016

Leveticus WIP Gold

Last night I managed to get the mechanical arm started:

I was hoping to achieve more of a brassy look rather than the shiny gold look, but I think with a few more glazes of VMC Woodstain I might be able to get what I'm looking for. I'm still debating as to if I want to keep this color on. My friend Reuben advised me to paint everything else and see how it looks then. I feel like it's out of place with the look I was going for, which was dark and foreboding. His hand sticks out like a bright sore thumb. But I'll stick to my friend's advice as it is pretty sound.

This gold recipe is slightly altered from the Vallejo NMM set:

  • Basecoat Vallejo Heavy Brown
  • Shade with mixes of Vallejo Woodgrain and Sepia Ink added to basecoat
  • Highlight by adding in Vallejo Heavy Goldbrown
  • Add White for edge highlights, I held back from using pure white

I can't seem to find a good NMM brass color recipe online, this is the look I was thinking about:

An image I found via Google, I'd give credit if I knew the artist!

I remember having the right plan in my head when I started painting this, starting with the Heavy Brown. I just couldn't commit to a risk using a new color recipe. I should really implement using test models!

I think if I started with a grey/brown like Heavy Brown, then used black to shade and added white to highlight it should work in principle. I'll test it out later and think about painting over what I have already done. But again, I'll do that last.

I'll keep you posted!