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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Alps WIP and other projects...

So last night I got to work on that commission for the Dreamer crew. It turns out I didn't get much done in two hours, mostly just the black cloth and part of the bases done. Time flies when you're painting, and it took me 30 minutes just to get all my stuff set up to paint in the kitchen!

Well the only one I like so far is the right, for some reason these black colors are giving me problems when I've done them a thousand times. Maybe I'll just paint them in a different color to see if it works out better.

In other news I've been more active on a friend's Podcast (called Flippin Jokers) and we've decided to do a small painting competition between the three of us in honor of the Iron Painter. None of us want to commit to that time constraint just to be whipped by the amazing hobbyists that Wyrd attracts.

For our first round our theme is "Don't Be Fooled," where we attempt to make the model look good from only one angle, and the other angles show unpainted plastic! It's going to be quite a challenge for me, but I have an idea I hope works out. 

I got a Through the Breach Male Multi Part Kit to use for this entry, as I don't want any models I may use on the tabletop to be only partially painted.

The "modular" kit

It's an impressive array of options, and I like how they give you enough parts to make 11 different models. The problem is the models will end up static and very much looking the same as the others, with the only notable difference being their equipment. You can use these bits to create all sorts of stuff in the Wyrd scale, but it requires a lot of breaking and sculpting as well as scratch building, but I guess that's not too terrible. Better than nothing, right? Or at least better than kit bashing, which for Malifaux models seem like a nightmare as they're all customized to fit themselves and not be modular. Trust me, I'm planning on doing some Malifaux conversions and they aren't looking to easy, and one is looking to be expensive!

Let's discuss my other projects...

The Crossroads Seven

So with my winnings from the last tournament I purchased the CR7 crew, as I wasn't interested in any other Outcast crew except possibly Jack Daw, but then he's pretty exclusive with his model pool and I'd have to get a whole new crop of dudes like I did with Leve. I figured the CR7 are some awesome models and a self contained crew that can be used with any faction, like my Ten Thunders. Plus each faction's individual CR7 model has possible synergies, and one or two seem good enough to pay the merc tax at times. But mostly the gimmick of playing a rock band in Malifaux seems pretty fun, even if they aren't nearly as competitive as a traditional crew can be and are highly restrictive.

I plan on getting them built soon to at least try them on the table, and I'd need to wait until around April to get the base inserts I plan on using for them. I previously got plank bases for my Puppet Wars models that I may have shown here before. They're really good inserts from Full Borer Miniatures and he's an excellent guy to buy from. I believe he mostly does custom jobs for his projects and occasionally puts them up in his store, but he's mentioned doing a commission sculpt if needed.

Anyway, I hope this crew works like I want. As an Outcast crew you can use the Malifaux Child with them in lieu of upgrades, which gives access to another push and a terrible heal on the board. I'm thinking that 6" push in any direction will help more than say, Survivalist and I Pay Better on Wrath. Although on paper I Pay Better looks great as all of them are Mercenaries including their pseudo Master, discarding a card for focus adds up fast. With a crew desperate for their suits and can even use low cards effectively that may be an ability that never gets used. Plus the Child adds an 8th activation, which puts them in a much better position against average crews. That push seems to make them much more efficient, as that's essentially one less AP that particular model uses and moves them further than some of their walk values, It also extends the range that the ability can be used, as it usually only has Wrath as a source, meaning everyone that wants to use it has to be close to Wrath. Now he can be on one end of the board and the Child on the other, pushing everyone in the crew in a wider area. This is all on top of the fact of how effective pushes in general are in terms of schemes.


So yesterday I also got Zombicide in the mail. I can't wait to paint and play this game, it looks like loads of fun. I plan on just painting the zombie models very fast. Maybe use zenithal basecoats and wash painting, it was a lot of fun testing that technique out before. I will also try layering on the washes with different colors to provide more depth without spending a whole bunch of time on it.


I really need to get back on this project, I've only partially built my recently acquired Kezai Waza and FCC House 4 models, I didn't even open my KemVar yet, and I've really wanted to buy the Sefadu box for some reason. Only two of my FCC House 9 models are painted, and all I need is a 5 man squad! Not to mention all the terrain I have for MERCs and other modern/sci-fi games.


Speaking of terrain, I put together and started painting my Dreadstone Blight kit from GW, but I definitely ran out of steam fast for that one. I only basecoated it. Once I started drybrushing I wanted to gouge my eyes out, it takes forever to do it right. One day I'll randomly want to finish it, until then I will keep it off to the side.

Well, that's enough for now, I've typed far more than I thought I would. Until next time!