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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Terminator Genisys Mat and Novus Terrain Building

Just thought I'd share this recent purchase with you folks!

It's a 33"x22" mat for another miniatures game that works perfectly for MERCS. It's a tad smaller than usual but it's not a game that's going to change dramatically because of that, especially when they have scenarios on a 2'x2' square as well.

I also have a building from Novus Design. It's a decent footprint on the board but it's very open so movement isn't hindered drastically, just LOS. It should create some interesting approaches as it can turn very close quarters combat fast if you're near it. I think it makes a cool centerpiece and works perfectly for objectives. I plan on getting a second one that's a bit smaller so that there are two buildings in the center.

The mat itself is a cool enough design, but it's literally littered with skulls. The great thing is that it's not noticeable unless you're really close up, but it kinda takes you into a different setting. Granted, it's appropriate for Terminator, although really why are all the skulls around in that world? Do Terminators evaporate ribcages?

The road portion also seems a tad on the small side for MERCS, but that's negligible as roads vary in size anyway.

Overall I highly recommend the mat for MERCS games. It's cheap (about $24 on Amazon) and easy to transport. The dark colors will help your models and terrain stand out. Also, good luck finding mats that will fit the 3x2 size, you're more than likely putting out 2 2x2s and having to have funky deployment zones.

As for the Novus Building, I think it's perfect. Granted you're going to be doing a lot of clean up. I mean A LOT. Bits of mold are actually embedded in the model, and there's some flash but it's nothing you can't just leave alone. It is terrain, after all. The entire building is one piece so there's no assembly, but there are some walls that are a bit thin and can break if you're not careful. Really though, for it's cost it's awesome and creates a war torn battlefield with no effort on your part, you'll just have to paint it.