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Monday, October 17, 2016


Hey folks!

Just a quick update since I haven't posted anything new in a bit. I hadn't gotten much done with miniatures, but I did paint up a Styrofoam head from Hobby Lobby for Kristy's Halloween decorations at work.

They were selling it for less than a buck and I thought it would be cool to paint up for her. It's a little smaller than an actual head, or at least smaller than my ginormous noggin, but I got him to this point in under 2 hours. Black primer, VMA Russian Green and VMC Dead Flesh was sprayed for the majority of it, with the eyes VMA Light Grey and Vallejo Red Ink for the wounds. I shaded with some VGA Hexed Lichen for some variation. All I need to do now is go in for some small brush work on the teeth and eyes and add some blood!

I promise to get some more miniatures painted by the end of the month, I'm just working my motivation up to get it done.