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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Dreamer Completed!

Hey folks!

So last night I stormed through completing the Dreamer. He's part of a commission I started a looooong time ago and should have had done well before now. I've decided to put my personal paint work on the back burner for now until I get all my obligations completed, if I get this crew done I will only have a few models left and I can work on what I want.

For a small model I actually had a lot of fun painting him. I knew with the shallow details - par for the course for Malifaux - I'd have to be careful in how I place my colors to create the contrast. I also wanted to keep him relatively light to stand out from the crew, especially with their other-worldly colors.

I started with the pajamas since it's the largest area of the model. I based it with VGA Somber Grey then carefully highlighted it with VGA Wolf Grey and finally a spot of VMA White on the shoulders, chest and small area of the upper back. I then picked out highlights with Wolf Grey and White, and I made sure to keep the overall feel soft by not shading it any more or blacklining. 

I then sprayed VMA Sand Yellow as a base for the monster. He was then highlighted with VMA Medium Yellow, which is a pretty bright yellow like GW Flash Gits Yellow. The monster was then shaded with VMA Burnt Umber and heavily washed with GW Cassandora Yellow. The highlights were then picked out with GW Flash Gits Yellow with occasional glazes of VMA Medium Yellow. The teeth were picked out with GW Ushabti Bone.

The base was my usual fare, where I mixed up a few different grays for the base coat, heavily washed with GW Nuln Oil and drybrushed with VGC Cold Grey and GW Ushabti Bone.

The Skin was painted with the Reaper Triad Golden Skin colors. The hair was VGC Heavy Goldbrown, washed with GW Agrax Earthshade and highlighted by adding white. The pillow was a bunch of different browns and cream colors that I hastily mixed on the model so I can't recall them.

Overall it was a fun little project and I was happy to get it done in one session, which is a miracle in my experience. Soon I'll have the whole crew and I'll post up progress for you!