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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Malifaux: Von Schill Completed

Hey you crazy people!

So yesterday I got a bug up my butt about not having painted in a while. It was less for lack of motivation, but more so of an overwhelming amount of stuff needing paint and causing hobby paralysis.

I decided to try to kick that motivation in the face and just get something done last night. I got to go home early and picked a model that didn't need any airbrush time, and found Von Schill as a candidate to get done. I pulled out the brushes and got to work, determined to get him to a completed standard before the end of the night.

What you see above is actually most of what he started as. The skin, hair and base were actually done yesterday but I forgot to take a before picture showing what was already started. I did my standard NMM silver spray for the metal parts. I decided to try something new and sprayed the cloth with VGA Electric Blue, keeping it as black as possible with only points of interest highlighted to the pure blue. I was inspired to try to emulate comic book style color, notably how they color blue/black with characters like Psylocke and Cable. Really that's all I got to when I started this model a month or two back.

For the skin I had some issues, especially when considering I was getting back on the painting horse. I found that even though I tried to clean the mold lines as best as possible there was still a good amount in the middle of both arms going down the entire length. I wanted to have more of a hard shading for the muscles and extensively used flesh wash, but this proved troublesome with the mold line. Also for some reason I wasn't getting my layers smooth and they were looking a lot less smooth than my usual fare, so this was definitely messing with my motivation.

I used Reaper Master Series Golden Skin trio along with GW Ogryn Flesh wash. For the hair I base coated with VGC Cold Grey, washed it with GW Nuln Oil, then highlighted with Cold Grey and mixed in VMC Dark Sand. Not my most elegant version of hair but it got the job done.

For the beard stubble I mixed Cold Grey and Golden Skin and glazed over the jaw area.

Here is where I started working on the leather using my usual red leather colors I've spoken about earlier. The paint from VMC doesn't seem to cover as well, at least with these colors, so it took a while to get even coverage I was happy with.

While I was getting those coats solid I started working on the base. I used a mix of grays mixed together with occasional Dark Sand to get varying colors on fast, then washed it with Browns, Grays and the occasional Stone Wash from Secret Weapon Miniatures, a sweet color (but dries satin/glossy).

Here is where I highlight the red leather by adding in Dark Sand to the mix. I also drybrushed the base to unify the color.

Here is where I heavily wash the leather with VMC Woodgrain.

After the Woodgrain wash I did selective washes using GW Nuln Oil. This helps add contrast and add richness to the color. I went a bit overboard with it on the shoulder pads but nothing terribly awful.

Just a few more details like the rope hanging on his side, the gold buckle and hilt, the NMM blackline and highlights, along with turquoise glazes. I admit I rushed through most of this part.

I also did the eyes and had somewhat of an easier time with him. This was also the first time I used a new lamp I recently got, it's one of those magnifying lamps with a light. It takes a bit getting used to as well as makes you hate your work since you can see every flaw!

Painting the base ring is the last part, and he's ready to go! Normally I would have taken more time to finish him, including actually finishing his cloth which I didn't touch at all from the base coat, but I just wanted to get him complete. His gloves are also going to change to Black instead of Brown as I think it will have more of an impact.

I do actually really love the way the Blue/Black turned out. The leather, not so much, as well as the NMM. But for a paint job I wasn't too thrilled about it didn't turn out too bad.

I just have to hit it with some matte varnish and he'll be ready for the table!