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Monday, September 26, 2016

Pegasus Buildings WIP... Along with some Relic Knights WIP

Greetings web people!

So over the weekend I decided to tackle some long awaited projects.

This coming Saturday is my local gaming store's grand opening for their new location and I wanted to have a good looking table done by then, that way we may be able to attract some new blood to our group! I was thinking of some options and remembered I have some incomplete buildings that have been dying to get painted.

I've had these Pegasus buildings for a long time now. They are a modular kit made in a Gothic style that fits right in for Warhammer or Malifaux, and they are great in that sense but terrible in another sense as they don't have roofs. One flat sheet of plastic roofing would have elevated this kit from cool to amazing, but you do get a lot for a relatively small price.

I started by cutting out large flat sheets of corrugated plasticard for the roof. I had to do some tricky stuff to get it to fit on the building with the spires getting in the way, but I feel like it worked out enough.

Then I dressed it up a bit with some strips of thicker plasticard, it helps clean it up and look a bit more professionally done. Upon closer inspection you can see my amateur work, though, as honestly I didn't care about it being too perfect and I'm not a patient person when it comes to scratch building.

I then got some cheap rattle can spray primer and got to work on painting. This is where I'm at so far, and I'm going to have to work a bit fast in order to get these done by Saturday. I won't concentrate at all on detail work, mostly just laying down a decent job of shading for the major parts - namely painting the stone and the roofs, while still figuring out how I want to paint the spires.

I also started painting a Relic Knights model, the above picture is where he's currently at. I'd been in a recent painting funk and haven't been very motivated to finish up any Malifaux models so I thought I should paint something different for a change. I really like this guy as he has a ton of character for what is essentially a one piece model. He's a stand out in a pretty cool line of miniatures and I've had a good time so far, now I'm just stumped on how I want to paint the pants. I've still got to black line the armor so I should be able to figure out what I want to do by the time I'm done with that step.

Although he's made for Relic Knights games he's too cool to not use him for other games. He could fit in with a Frostgrave warband, but mostly I think if I ever get to use Supersystem he'd be really awesome for it. He's definitely got a comic book vibe going.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. Nothing completed but tons started, which is par for the course!